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The Adventures of Pirate Pete~ Princess Pearl Pet Food Mat (12x18)

Type: Pets

All hands on deck! Pirate Pete and Princess Pearl are swooping in to save the day with their personalized pet feeding mat. Now, you don't have to worry about Fido or Fluffy succumbing to the messy mealtimes - this 12x18 mat is here to make sure your floor stays clean as can be. Not to mention, it's designed with a non-slip rubber base, so no matter how clumsy your pup gets, it won't slip around. Perfect for both cats and dogs who just can't seem to keep tidy while eating, this thick and durable mat will make mealtime exciting and neat! With Pirate Pete guarding your house from food spills, you’ll be sailing the seven seas of style in no time. Yo ho ho - it’s time for adventure!

Created for minimizing mess, this personalized pet food mat is as practical as it is stylish. Made with a non-slip rubber base, this pet feeding mat stays put even when the clumsiest puppers are having their meal. Each mat comes in a rectangle shape, is thick, and is perfect for both dogs and cats.

.: 100% polyester blend front
.: 100% neoprene rubber back
.: One size
.: One-sided print
.: Non-slip back
.: Edge-to-edge full color surface