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How Gigi Becomes A Chic Magical Fairy Instant Fairy Garden

Exclusive Digital Download Instant Fairy Garden! What a great project for the family, birthday party, DIY and end up with a beautiful fairy garden! You can also place it inside on a wall and make a How Gigi Becomes A Chic Magical Fairy indoor celebration or add it to your dollhouse!
Collect them and collect the beautiful Gold Certificates you will receive with each fairy garden! Frame them and place them on your wall!

Why Should you have a Magical Instant Fairy Garden?
Exclusive Magical Instant Fairy Gardens with a surprise magical fairy. 
• Magical INSTANT Fairy Garden DIGITAL DOWNLOAD for every holiday, celebration or season!
• Affordable and easy to store.
• DIY craft and INTERACTIVE and an educational playtime! Bring hours of fun to children, and to children at heart.
• Get CREATIVE - add your own miniature accessories and fairies!

What You Will Receive:
  • Gig's Magical Attic
  • An adorable Sewing Machine
  • Mannequins With Gigi Fashions
  • Gigi In Her Red Ball Gown-Stunning!
  • Gigi in Her Yellow Dress
  • An Adorable Attic Door
  • Two Windows with Gigi looking out of them
  • A magical Fairy Bed with a colorful Quilt
  • A Candy Colored Carriage
  • A Beautiful Pink Handbag(very important in the Gigi book)
  • Miniature Gigi Books
  • Wrapped Fairy Gifts
  • A Magical Floor Mirror
  • Fairy Signs
  • And so much more.....
****There are Chic Magical Gigi Miniatures added to give you ideas of what you can add to your Instant Fairy Garden and they are not included in the Digital Download Offer-but you can purchase separately****  

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Fairy Hugs and Blessings!