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Let The Magical Easter Party Begin-Easter Party Props


Magical Colorfulย  Easter Party Props ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿค

An Exclusive Digital Download by Teelie Turner! It's Party Time! What fun these Magical Easter Party Props will be at your Easter Celebration! There are so many adorable Easter party props and they feature our exclusive Teelie Turner Fairies! I have also included some adorable Easter backdrops and party plate sets, that you can purchase. These Magical Easter Party Props would make a super festive photo, so get your friends or family together and take an Easter memory photo!

I would love to see your Easter party photos-please share your photos and I will feature them on this website and also on our social media. I cannot wait to see them! Happy Easter Celebration!


The 34 Exclusive Magical Easter Party Props You Will Receive:ย 

  • 4-Adorable Magical Easter Bonnets

  • 1- Bunny Nose With Whiskers

  • 3- Colorful Easter Balloons

  • 1- Easter Basket Full Of Easter Eggs

  • 1- Sweet Easter Bunny With An Ester Basket

  • 2- Easter Eye Glasses (You will look so cool)

  • 3- Colorful Easter Eggs With Teelie Turner Pets

  • 3- Bright Colored Easter Hair Bows

  • 1- Set Of Fairy wings

  • 1- Magical Brunette Easter Wig

  • Sign-Spring Is Here

  • Sign-Easter Egg Hunt

  • Sign-Easter Bunny

  • 6-Easter Eggs

  • Sign-Happy Easter

  • Sign- I am Here For The Chocolate

  • Hair-Pink with spring flowers

  • Hair-Lavender with spring flowers

  • Hair-Yellow with spring flowers

Get Teelie Turner's Exclusive Digital Instant Fairy Garden Here: Magical Fairy Easter Instant Fairy Gardenย 

The fairies from the fairy kingdom will have a 28-day countdown and will bring you magical Easter updates! See All The Talking Easter Fairies Here: https://bit.ly/3PcJwnP


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