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Create A Wondrous Instant Fairy Garden With Us

Create A Wondrous Instant Fairy Garden With Us

Create A Wondrous Instant Fairy Garden With Us

Welcome to Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. This week we’re going to be sharing one of our wonderful instant fairy gardens with you and showing you how you can enhance it with magical miniatures.

Fantastic Fairy Farm Life-Jonathan The Farmer Fairy

This instant fairy garden features Jonathan the Farmer Fairy and some of the amazing animals from his farm. You’ll also find an enchanted background, and some additional accessories to make your farm instant fairy garden incredible. Instant fairy gardening is a fun and inexpensive hobby. You can also download it which means you can get started right away. Learn more here.

48 Pcs Mini Cow Figurines Resin Cow Miniature Cute Tiny Resin Animals Mini Resin Figures Outdoor Moss Ornaments Toys Garden Decor for DIY Fairy Landscape Crafts (Lovely Style)

These adorable and almost cartoon like miniature cow figures are a great choice for your instant fairy garden. And, as there are so many of them, you might decide to give them as gifts to other friends who have an interest in fairy gardening or use them in party bags depending on your theme. They’d be awesome for a child’s party theme too. Learn more here.

Miniature Pig Fairy Garden Accessories, Pink Pig Figurines for Cake Decoration, Landscape Decor, DIY Crafts, Fairy Garden Decoration, Table Centerpieces, Home Decor, Car Decor, Party Décor

These adorable miniature pigs would also make a wonderful addition to your instant fairy garden. Miniatures serve to enhance the design, but you can also just use the paper cutouts provided in the digital download if you want to. Learn more here.

White Farmer and Farm Animals Figurines, Realistic Farm Model for Fairy Garden Ornaments Micro Landscape Home Decor Educational Toys,Garden Sculptures and Statues,Outdoor Decor(Goat)

Meet a little goat that would love to come and live in your barnyard instant fairy garden. It is friendly and being in a magical setting you won’t have to worry about the goat eating your paper. Learn more here.

ARTIBETTER 4pcs Farm Animal Figurines Miniature Resin Hen Rooster Chicken Statues Sculpture for Bonsai Fairy Gardens Scene Micro Landscape Décor

Hens are roosters are waiting for you to invite them to spend time in your fairy garden. Do you need a morning wake up call? These magical pets could help you with that. Learn more here.

5pcs Miniature Donkey Figurine: Mini Farm Animal Figurines Farm Playset Good Luck Ornament for Fairy Garden Dollhouse Terrarium Statues Décor

These miniature donkeys are ready to make their home with you. They are also said to bring good luck giving you even more reason to invite them home. Learn more here.

Fairy Garden Fairies - Fairy Garden Accessories for a Fairy Garden - Fairies for Fairy Garden, Sofia with Dog for Miniature Garden - 1 Item

Sofia the Fairy sometimes likes to visit the farm and see Jonathan and the animals. One of the reasons that she likes visiting is to be able to spend time with the barnyard dog. Today, they’re reading a story together. Learn more here.

TG,LLC Treasure Gurus Miniature Llama Fairy Garden Figurine Accessory Alpaca Dollhouse Decor Landscape Ornament

This adorable alpaca that is wearing a multicolored blanket hopes that you’ll want to invite it to live with you in your garden. It is very friendly, and it promises not to spit at you or anyone else. Learn more here.
Next week, Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop has a special guest joining us. Fairy Merry, A North Pole Christmas Fairy is going to be showing you some amazing things. 


Discover some magical fairy signs that you can enjoy here.
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