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Enjoy A Beach Adventure In Our Unique Miniature Shop

Enjoy A Beach Adventure In Our Unique Miniature Shop

Enjoy A Beach Adventure In Our Unique Miniature Shop

Welcome back to Teelie’s Digital & Miniatures Shop. This week we’re going to enjoy the magic of the beach.  This magical mermaid is going to tell you what to expect from this week’s adventure.



 Turtles Are Coming To The Beach
A beach adventure that is filled with unique magic should surprise and wow us. Meeting some incredibly vivid miniature turtles at the beach could make for some great stories to tell your friends and family. The fairies visiting the beach cannot wait to talk to the turtles. Learn more here. 


 Time To Play In The Sand

A trip to the beach would not be complete without the opportunity to play in the sand. A pail of shells on a mound of sand with an adorable shovel are bound to get you excited about travels to the beach. A starfish and turtle also hope that you’ll invite them to play in the sand. Learn more here. 


Mermaid Beach Sandcastle

While you’re playing in the sand, consider creating a sandcastle. The fairies will love using their fairy dust to come up with intriguing shapes for your enchanted castle. With magic anything is possible. Learn more here. 


Baby Unicorn Whales

When you visit a beach in Fairy Land, the enchanted creatures that you meet there are bound to be extremely unique. These baby unicorn whales are not mammals that you’ll find in many places. But in Fairy Land, they can be seen occasionally. They come in an array of beautiful colors. Learn more here. 


Adorable Sleeping Little Mermaids

These adorable sleeping mermaids are enjoying the sunshine on the beach. However, they’ll awaken once they know that you’ve arrived to play with them. Aren’t they absolutely beautiful? They’re friendly too and cannot wait to talk to you. Learn more here. 


Annie The Sweet Mermaid

Annie the Mermaid is pleased to make your acquaintance. She loves spending time at the beach, making sandcastles with her fairy and mermaid friends and splashing around in the pristine waters. She also loves to collect clam shells. Sometimes she’ll make jewelry or a bed out of them. Learn more here. 


The Sounds Of The Wind Beach Sign

This beautiful beach sign is extremely inviting. It has a lovely saying on it by June Polls. The vivid colors and seashells that make its unique design are also amazing. Learn more here. 


Pirate Treasures Abound

 You might also find some treasures at the beach. Sometimes Pirate Pete calls on his friends the mermaids for assistance. In the past, they have helped him to hide treasures that belong to the fairies. He couldn’t risk the treasures falling into the hands of a real pirate. Learn more here. 

More about this adventure can be found in a magical Teelie Turner book. Learn more in this book trailer.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our beach adventure. Teelie’s Digital & Miniature Shop hopes that you’ve been inspired to take some time out of your busy schedule to travel to a beach or other place that you love for some fun and relaxation too.

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