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Exclusive Awesome Adventures With Our Halloween Instant Fairy Garden

Exclusive Awesome Adventures With Our Halloween Instant Fairy Garden

Exclusive Awesome Adventures With Our Halloween Instant Fairy Garden

Welcome to Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. Are you ready to go on an amazing adventure with us? We’re excited to introduce you to a magical and spooktacular Halloween Instant Fairy Garden. Fly along with us to enjoy this enchanted experience.   You can also enjoy our magical video.



Halloween Instant Fairy Garden

The first thing you will need to embark on a magical adventure to Halloween instant fairy garden fun, is your digital download of Teelie Turner’s Halloween Instant Fairy Garden. This exclusive product was created by the Teelie Turner Team and includes one hundred and ten adorable designs. You’ll receive an enchanted background, fairy witches, trees, ghosts, a witch, a cat, Halloween house, Gigi the Chic Fairy and so much more. Instant fairy gardens are easy to store, educational, provide hours of fun and affordable. Learn more here.



Halloween Miniature Donuts and Cupcake, Orange Soda, Miniatures, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse

Fairies love to enjoy sweet treats like donuts, cupcakes, orange soda and other delicious sweets. Halloween is one of their favorite times of year because of all the amazing delights that there are to eat. These treats would go great in your instant fairy garden. Learn more here.



Halloween Cookies, Spiders, Pumpkins, Eyeballs, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Dollhouse

Your Halloween instant fairy garden will come even more alive if you add some of your fairy friends’ favorite cookies to it. We have spiders, pumpkins, and eyeballs at the ready to create a spooktacular presentation. Learn more here.



Fairy Garden Spooky Skull Heads, Dollhouse, Miniature, Fairy Garden

Add a spooky skull head and some autumn leaves to your enchanted fairy garden. They may look large in the photo, but they are extremely small and would fit great amongst the paper or cardboard cutouts of your instant fairy garden. The miniatures help to add some additional depth to this incredible experience. Learn more here.



Assorted Halloween Candies with White Wood Base, Miniatures, Dollhouse, Fairy Gardening

Candy is a must for a Halloween themed fairy garden. We have some beautifully colored candies that come with a fun white wood base that adds some extra depth to the garden. Your fairy friends will be happy to see your selection of treats. Learn more here.



Black Cat Wearing A Hat With A Stack Of Orange Pumpkins And Mushroom, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature

We absolutely love this miniature black cat that is wearing a witch’s hat and carrying an adorable stack of pumpkins. It would look so cute in your instant fairy garden. You also receive an orange pumpkin, Halloween table topper, a miniature Halloween sign and a surprise when you purchase this spooktacular black cat. Learn more here.



Halloween Fairy Cat Trick Or Treat, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Dollhouse

This set of miniature fairy garden accessories provides you with a fantastic feast for your fairy visitors. You have a hotdog, beverage, donut, and more treats. You also receive some great table scatter that can add an extra level of magic to your instant fairy garden. Instant fairy gardens are great for providing hours of fun. Learn more here.



Adorable Tiny Halloween Swirl Lollipops, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse

These tiny Halloween swirl lollipops have fun patterns to them that can add some magic to your candy table for your visiting fairy friends or trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. Learn more here.


 Teelie’s Digital & Miniature Shop hopes that you’ve enjoyed learning about Teelie Turner’s Magical Halloween Instant Fairy Garden. We invite you to have hours of fun creating your own stunning fairy garden. If you have questions, please reach out to us. Your fairy friends are always ready to help.  


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