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How To Have Fun In Fairy Land At Halloween

How To Have Fun In Fairy Land At Halloween

How To Have Fun In Fairy Land At Halloween

It’s time to explore Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. There are so many spooktacular activities planned for Halloween. We have everything from books, an instant fairy garden to miniatures and more. You can enjoy an incredible time with us this Halloween and we don’t want you to miss out on a minute of the fun.   We have a haunted video for you to enjoy too.


A Magical Halloween Adventure

Reading is a great activity to do to prepare yourself for Halloween. There are so many spooktacular tales that you can read including many from Teelie Turner. In A Magical Halloween Adventure join Isabell and Isac on a magical Halloween adventure as they go trick-or-treating with fairy children. Learn about the activities that they'll be doing, the costumes they'll be wearing, and the candy they'll be gathering in this magical fairy tale. Learn more here.

The Halloween Adventures Of The 5 Spooktacular Fairy Witches

Take advantage of this magical story book by Teelie Turner. You get five different fairy adventures all within the pages of this one magnificent book. Enjoy time with Fairy Chef Gardenia, Courtney the Costumes Fairy, Hallie the Holiday Fairy and several other magical fairies and witches who cannot wait to make your acquaintance. It’s time to celebrate this spooktacular season with pumpkins, costumes, candy and more. Learn more here.

Kindy the Candy Corn Fairy

Enjoying a magical tale about candy corn is a great way to celebrate Halloween. Kindy the Candy Corn Fairy cannot wait for you to read the book that Teelie Turner wrote about her. Read to find out if Kindy can solve the problems related to a shortage of candy corn in Fairy Land. Learn more here.

How to Transform Your Fairy Garden into a Haunted Halloween Hallow

Read this step by step guide to transforming your fairy garden into a haunted Halloween hallow. It is a great time for enjoying a spooktacular creative process of fairy gardening. The book also comes with a bonus Teelie Turner tale. Learn more here.

Tour Spooktacular Halloween Fairy Garden Designs

There are four incredible volumes of the Tour Spooktacular Halloween Fairy Garden Designs books by Teelie Turner. These books are filled with incredible scenes to inspire you on creating your own magnificent fairy garden. They can also enchant you with their beauty and creativity. Learn more here.

Halloween Swirl Lollipops, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse

Delightful candy lollipops and an adorable pumpkin with a black cat are part of the magnificent décor on this miniature table. The fairies love sweets and decorating and would be pleased with this scene. Learn more here.

A Halloween Party is Waiting For You, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature

This enchanted fairy garden scene is filled with sweets and magic. The fairies cannot wait to enjoy these delicious fairy garden foods. Halloween in Fairy Land is an extremely festive time. Learn more here.

An Amazing Halloween Table, Cute Owl, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature

This little owl cannot wait to join you for Halloween. It has decorated this cute little table and is excited to share the festivities with you. Learn more here.
 Are you ready to begin celebrating Halloween with us in Teelie’s Digital & Miniature Shop? Some might say it is too early but with the cooler temperatures coming and the leaves preparing to fall we’re ready to start thinking about this spooktacular holiday. Come back and see us again soon for some more Halloween fun in Fairy Land.
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