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Instantly Transport  Yourself to a Magical Farm

Instantly Transport Yourself to a Magical Farm

Instantly Transport Yourself to a Magical Farm

Hello Fairy Lovers, I’m Jonathan the Fairy Farmer and I am excited to share some ways that you can join me on the farm. There is so much for you to do and see there and since you believe in magic, you can see me as I am, with my fairy wings. Whenever non-believing humans visit my farm, I look just like a regular farmer to them. While they can still visit the animals, they don’t have as much fun as you will because you can see the magic happen as I perform it.

1. Jonathan the Fairy Farmer Instant Fairy Garden

    Discover the instant digital download that Teelie Turner created here. It includes 84 adorable designs that will take you on an enchanted adventure with me, Jonathan the Fairy Farmer. You’ll be able to cut out each design and use it with the backdrops that are included to make a stunning fairy garden. How many of the designs you use in the instant garden is up to you. This budget friendly, DIY craft is a great activity for the whole family and can bring you hours of enjoyment. Among the magical designs that are included with this instant digital download, you’ll find me, a barn, a tractor, goats, chickens, a chicken coop, ducks, pigs, and a cow.

    You can enjoy my  Magical Instant Fairy Garden in this stunning video. It will give you an idea of how to put it together and how amazing it can look.

    2. Magical Fairy Farm Life With Jonathan the Fairy Farmer eBook

    Jonathan the Farmer Magical Book

    In addition to creating the magical instant fairy garden, Teelie Turner also wrote a book about me. You can instantly download the eBook and read it with your family while you work on creating the instant fairy garden. It will give you a chance to know more about my fantastic fairy farm life. The complete title of the book is ‘Magical Fairy Farm Life With Jonathan the Fairy Farmer.’ In this book, you’ll get to hear about my life and also experience it in the amazing illustrations. Read it here.

    3. Adorable Fairy Garden Sheep

    Fairy Garden Sweet Black And OR White Sheep

    If you’d like, you can also add miniatures to the magical instant fairy garden. I have chosen a few to share with you. The first is these adorable sheep. The photo above was taken by Teelie Turner when she created a magical garden with me in it. We have so much fun together. She placed the sheep on top of a miniature bale of hay. Find the sheep here.

    4. Sweet Mama Hen and Chicks

    Miniature Chickens

    This adorable hen and her chicks were also photographed in Teelie Turner’s personal instant fairy garden that includes me, Jonathan the Fairy Farmer. I always have a great time when Teelie visits my instant fairy garden. She’s always rearranging the animals so that they can enjoy different views in the garden. In this scene, she took the chicks and hen out of the chicken coop and set them on a bale of hay where they can get some sunshine. More details are available here.

    5. Cute White Rabbit

    Sweet White Bunny With Yummy Carrots

    This little white rabbit found some carrots from my garden and is enjoying them while sitting on a piece of wood that I cut off a log. Doesn’t it look content? It would be a wonderful addition to a fairy garden scene featuring a farm. It can also be used in other magical garden settings such as a forest scene. Learn more here.

    6. Adorable Pastel Ducklings

    Pastel Duckies

    Spring is one of my favorite seasons on the farm because of all the baby animals that are born including these adorable pastel ducklings. They’re sitting on some blue rocks which are meant to look like water. Full details about the ducklings can be found here.

    7. Magical Swans

    White Swans

    It is unusual for a farm to have swans living on it, but we do have them on my farm. They are such majestic creatures that it seemed to only make sense to find them on a magical farm run by a fairy farmer. They enjoy the same blue rocks as the ducklings for a watery appearance in your fairy garden. They can be found here.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit me, Jonathan the Fairy Farmer. I hope that you’ll take the time to come back and see me in my magical instant fairy garden and read about me in Teelie Turner’s amazing book ‘Fantastic Fairy Farm Life with Jonathan the Fairy Farmer.’ This way, we can get to know each other even better. I can’t wait to share my magic with you.

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