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Magic in a Fairy Land Rainbow Instant Garden

Magic in a Fairy Land Rainbow Instant Garden

Magic in a Fairy Land Rainbow Instant Garden

Join the magic in Fairy Land and come on an adventure with us. Teelie Turner has created an exclusive rainbow themed instant fairy garden for your enjoyment. We are sharing the instant fairy garden with you as well as some miniatures and magical clothing and accessories that you can use to create a complete experience with our rainbow fairy friends.
You can enjoy this magical video about our rainbow themed instant fairy garden.


Rainbow Instant Fairy Garden

Spend time with Arcenciel the Rainbow Fairy. Her name means rainbow in French. There are 147 miniature items for you to cut out and place in your instant fairy garden. Instant fairy gardens are a great choice for an activity to do by yourself or with friends and family because they are affordable, a great DIY craft, fun, educational and easy to store. You might also decide to have a rainbow party or celebration and work on your rainbow fairy garden during that magical event.


Enchanted Rainbow Lollipops

These enchanted lollipops are one possibility when it comes to adding miniatures to your magical rainbow themed instant fairy garden. They’re bright and colorful and will be sure to interest your fairy friends. Learn more here.

Magical Fairy Land Desserts

You’re certainly going to please your fairy friends if you serve them this luscious rainbow cake that has a magnificent design to it as well as gumballs, peppermint sticks, sprinkles, and other delicious candy accents. Find it here.


Fantastic Rainbow Charcuterie Board

This magical fairy charcuterie board is filled with amazing treats that fairies will love including gumballs, rainbow coolies, heart cookies, waffle cookies and an assortment of chocolate. There is also a sweet fruit tea that is many Fairy Land fairies’ favorites. Find these delicious treats here.


Fabulous Rainbow Unicorns

Pictured above are our magical friends the rainbow unicorns. Their photo was taken in one of Teelie Turner’s amazing instant fairy gardens. Don’t you love how cute this scene is? One amazing thing about instant fairy gardens is that you have the choice to use all the cut-outs that are included or to just choose some to create individual scenes. You can even create small ones to go in a child’s bedroom or to be a centerpiece. Find our unicorn friends here.


Adorable Ladybug Friends

You can also add some additional multi-colored friends to your instant fairy garden. These ladybugs that are available in a lovely assortment of colors are one option to help you add your own creative touches to your rainbow themed instant fairy garden. Find them here.


Additional Fairy Friends

You can add some extra fairy friends to your fairy garden. These fairies have adorable dresses which are in bright rainbow colors. Say hello to them here.


Unique Rainbow Party Favors

Available in different finishes and sizes, these Arcenciel the Rainbow fairy stickers are a perfect idea for a goodie bag that you can give out at a rainbow themed celebration. You could even put the stickers on pieces of cardstock and incorporate them into your instant fairy garden. They can also be used for scrapbooking, or on a lunch bag for the first day of school. The possibilities are endless when you get creative. Learn more here.


More Incredible Party Favors

This incredible rainbow fairy magnet is also a great idea for a party favour. It comes in a variety of sizes and is sure to make the recipient of this little gift smile. Full details are available here.


Arcenciel The Rainbow Fairy™ Classic T-Shirt

Available in a magical assortment of colors this t-shirt is one possibility for your fashion choices for your rainbow themed celebration. You might even use this classic t-shirt as the prize for a party game like guessing how many rainbow colored gumballs are in a jar. Find all sizes and colors for this delightful t-shirt here. Other styles are also available.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about Teelie Turner’s magical rainbow themed instant fairy garden. We hope that you have an enchanted time enjoying it.

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