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Plan Your Beautiful And Magical Unicorn Fairy Garden

Plan Your Beautiful And Magical Unicorn Fairy Garden

Plan Your Beautiful And Magical Unicorn Fairy Garden

Welcome to Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. This week we’re going to be exploring some beautiful and amazing miniatures that are perfect for a unicorn fairy garden.  
You can also enjoy the magic of unicorns in this short video. Click on the image to watch. 



Adorable Pastel Unicorns Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse

These enchanted pastel unicorns have such incredible colors and personalities. They would make wonderful additions to your magical unicorn themed fairy garden. Learn more here.


Sweet Standing Unicorns, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden

These miniature standing unicorns are ready to give you their foot in happy greeting. They would love to join you in your magical fairy garden especially if you include lots of lovely plants for them to enjoy, and a delightful fairy friend or two. Learn more here.


The Baby Whales Are Coming To The Mermaid Beach Party, Mermaid Garden

We have also met a different variety of unicorn that we think would love to live in your fairy garden as long as you can furnish them a lovely pond. These unicorn whales are cute and friendly and would love to make your acquaintance. Learn more here.


Mood Lab Fairy Garden - Unicorn Rainbow Set of 2 pcs - Miniature Figurines & Accessories Kit

This enchanted unicorn has her very own fairy. They have some bright and colorful accessories and the fairy is an artist. She’s currently painting a magnificent rainbow. They’d make great additions to your magical fairy garden. Learn more here.


Schleich bayala, Limited Edition Collectible Unicorn Toys for Girls and Boys, Gemstone Unicorn Figurines, Tourmaline

This precious tourmaline unicorn is so adorable. She is one of seven collection gemstone inspired magical unicorns. Consider collecting them all and inviting them all to live in your magical fairy garden. Learn more here.


Bloonsy Unicorn Fairy Garden Kit for Kids | Light Up Fairy Unicorn Terrarium Kit

This amazing unicorn terrarium kit is a complete fairy garden. It just needs you to use your creativity to help make it magical. The miniatures need to be painted and then placed in the terrarium so that the magic can help it come alive. Learn more here.


Unicorn Light Up Terrarium Kit for Kids

This terrarium kit includes an adorable unicorn and several accessories. It doubles as a child’s night light, helping them use their creativity to bring some brightness to their space. Learn more here.


Mood Lab Fairy Garden - Fairy with Unicorn Set of 2 pcs - Miniature Figurines Statue Kit - Outdoor or House Décor

This unicorn and its fairy both look great with the purple on the unicorn’s mane and tale and the fairy’s wings and dress. They cannot wait to find the perfect fairy garden home. Learn more here.


Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop hope that you enjoy the magic of fairy gardening. An enchanted theme like unicorns can bring so fun delight to the process. 
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