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Wondrous Teelie Turner E-Books You Can Enjoy This Winter

Wondrous Teelie Turner E-Books You Can Enjoy This Winter

Wondrous Teelie Turner E-Books You Can Enjoy This Winter

Welcome to Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. This week we’re going to be looking through Teelie Turner’s collection of e-books to choose some great options for winter.


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Tommy Tinker and the Snowed in Castle

Tommy Tinker and the Snowed in Castle is an amazing winter tale that Teelie Turner wrote about a time that Tommy Tinker was snowed in at King Henry and Queen Olivia’s castle with some fairy friends. Learn how they manage the huge snowstorm and about the cause of it. This book also has gorgeous illustrations. Learn more here.



Wista The Valentine's Wish Fairy

Read Wista the Valentine’s Wish Fairy by Teelie Turner to discover a magical story and stunning illustrations. This book will share Wista’s tale with you as you learn about her work granting Valentine’s wishes. Learn more here.



Sugarsnap The Valentine's Card Fairy

Sugarsnap the Valentine’s Card Fairy has a magical job creating incredible cards for Valentine’s Day. Read this beautiful book to learn about her job and the fairies and animals that help her along the way. Learn more here.



Tommy Tinker And The Sacred Trees Of Ireland

Join Tommy Tinker and his niece Susan as they adventure to Ireland to help friends of Tommy’s. Tommy’s Wee Folk friends are at risk of losing their homes in the Sacred Trees of Ireland. Is there a way that Tommy and Susan can help stop this from happening? Learn more here.



The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And The Lost Fairy Treasure

It’s time to embark on a magical adventure with Pirate Pete as he helps to rescue a lost fairy treasure in The Adventures of Pirate Pete and the Lost Fairy Treasure. This is the first book in the Pirate Pete series. There are currently three enchanted stories that you can enjoy about Pirate Pete. Learn more here.



How Gigi Becomes A Chic Magical Fairy

Gigi the Chic Fairy currently has four amazing books in her series as well as a coloring book. We recommend starting Gigi’s story at the beginning with How Gigi Becomes A Chic Magical Fairy. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the progression of Gigi’s enchanted journey. In this book, Gigi is able to pursue her dreams of working in fashion. She even gets some help from a human believer named Adriana. Learn more here.



Felicia The Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy

Meet Felicia The Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy. She’s also the ambassador for Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club. This is a job that keeps Felicia busy throughout the year as a Teelie Turner book is released weekly in the book club. There are also over twenty bonuses each week. There are three amazing books written in the Felicia series as well. The first is Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy. Learn more here.


Magical Fairy Farm Life With Jonathan The Fairy Farmer

Magical Fairy Farm Life With Jonathan the Fairy Farmer is a great choice to read during the winter as you’ll get to feel the spring’s sunshine and meet the adorable animals in this beautifully written and illustrated book by Teelie Turner. Learn more here.


Teelie’s Digital & Miniature Shop hopes that you’ve found some books in our list of Teelie Turner e-books for winter reading that you can enjoy. Reading is a great pastime, and it can be enjoyed by the entire family.  
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