Adorable Spooky Halloween Miniature Signs

12-Adorable Spooky Halloween Miniature Signs-Digital Downloads
Yay! Fairies love Halloween because they can eat as much candy as they want to and sweets is the favorite of all fairies in fairyland. They also can were costumes and go trick or treating as no one will know they are fairies-so let the fun begin!

These signs will be used by the fairies in their fairy homes to help with their Halloween decorating! Surprise your fairy with these signs and help them get started on the season-they will be thrilled!

This absolutely beautiful Printable Miniature design is perfect for your dollhouses, fairy gardens, miniature scenes! This is a miniature sign in a digital graphics sheet that has a unique rustic style. It looks like it is painted in wood. This sign is 1.5" wide and 1“high and conveniently sized for your dollhouses. 
These easy to use downloads have wonderful graphics and deep rich colors with a rustic style, look & feel.