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Gift an Enchanted Instant Fairy Garden this Christmas

Gift an Enchanted Instant Fairy Garden this Christmas

Gift an Enchanted Instant Fairy Garden this Christmas

Are you looking for a unique gift for family or friends? Teelie Turner’s Magical Instant Fairy Gardens are a great option as they are fun, educational, easy to store, and you can receive them instantly as a digital download. Just print them out and wrap them in a box and tie it with a bow, and you’ve created a simple and memorable holiday gift. If you like, you can add a few miniatures to the package as well. We’re going to share some instant fairy gardens and miniatures with you in this Teelie’s Digital Shop blog post. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

Fairy Merry Christmas Instant Fairy Garden

Celebrate Christmas in Fairy Land. The Fairy Merry Instant Fairy Garden includes one hundred and forty-seven magical cut outs for you to choose from for the creation of your instant fairy garden. Included in this enchanted digital download are a Christmas house, reindeer, Fairy Merry, the Sugarplum Fairy, a fireplace and Christmas candles. Learn more here.

Holiday Gnome House

Add a magical gnome house to your Fairy Merry Christmas instant fairy garden. Fairy Merry can be seen in the photo above standing beside the gnome home. There are many magical friends to meet in Fairy Land and at the North Pole. Learn more about the gnome home here.

Fantastic Fairy Farm Life-Jonathan The Farmer Fairy

Enjoy an enchanted farm adventure with Jonathan the Fairy Farmer. Included in his incredible fairy garden are eighty-four adorable designs. In addition to Jonathan, you’ll find ducks, pigs, a chicken coop, sheep, goats, hay, geese, a calf and so many more whimsical designs. Complete details are available here.

Adorable Chickens

This adorable mother hen and her chicks would look so cute in Farmer Jonathan’s instant fairy garden. Learn more here.

Pirate Pete's Instant Fairy Garden

Set sail with Pirate Pete and his amazing assortment of pirate and fairy items in this magical instant fairy garden. Seventy-two designs make up this incredible creative adventure. Included in the instant fairy garden are Pirate Pete, a treasure chest, a door, windows, pirate crew members, sea turtles, and backgrounds. A complete listing and adorable photos from this instant fairy garden can be seen here.
You can enjoy the book trailer from the Pirate Pete book below.

Pirate Chest

Add a treasure chest to your instant fairy garden for a touch of color, sparkle, and magic. Pirate Pete would surely approve of the silver metal chest or the crown. Learn more here.

Iaada The International Fairy Visits Japan Instant Fairy Garden

Iaada the International Fairy’s Japanese instant fairy garden includes one hundred and nineteen components to make your adventure with Iaada incredible. Amongst the treasures included in this instant fairy garden, you’ll find Iaada the International Fairy, a tea house, a tea set, cherry blossoms, Japanese lanterns, and rugs. Complete details are available here.

Delicious Sushi

Add some delicious sushi to Iaada the International Fairy’s Japanese Instant Fairy Garden. She’ll enjoy having the tasty treat and she’ll likely share it with her fairy friends too. Learn more here.
We hope that you enjoyed discovering Teelie Turner’s Instant Fairy Gardens and some magical miniatures to go with each one. Please keep visiting Teelie’s Digital Shop for more instant magic.
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