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How to Spend Your Best Christmas Break in Fairy Land

How to Spend Your Best Christmas Break in Fairy Land

How to Spend Your Best Christmas Break in Fairy Land

Christmas break is just around the corner for many of us and while you’ll probably be spending time with family and friends, we have some suggestions on how you and your loved ones can enjoy an amazing break. It involves traveling to Fairy Land. What could be more magical, especially at this time of year? Teelie’s Digital Shop has lots of ideas for you.

Felicia's Snowflake Sparkle Poster Collection

Teelie’s Digital Shop has recently released an amazing collection of digitally downloadable posters featuring Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy on them. Each week, Felicia gets to wear a new outfit and join in the festivities that are happening in Fairy Land. On this poster from the snowflake sparkle collection, Felicia is wearing a gorgeous green dress with embellishments. You could start off your Christmas break by adding a Felicia poster to your home to welcome in the magic of Fairy Land. Find this poster and several others here.

The Fairy Merry Paper Doll Activity Book

Enjoy some amazing Christmas fun when you download The Fairy Merry Paper Doll Activity Book. You’ll receive five adorable outfits that you can put on Fairy Merry, a chance to get to know this enchanted fairy, and beautiful illustrations. This would be a wonderful family activity, especially if you had children who would like to join you on this adventure. Learn more here.

Holly's Magical Fairy Tale Christmas

Reading Christmas books is another great way to enjoy the best Christmas break possible in Fairy Land. Teelie Turner has written several enchanting Christmas stories for your enjoyment. One of these books is Holly’s Magical Fairy Tale Christmas. In this beautifully written and illustrated story, Holly is living in a fairy house in the backyard of a human family. Holly spends time with Sara, a human child, and they learn about each other’s Christmas traditions. More information is available here.

Pastel Christmas Parisian Ornaments

You can enjoy some incredible Christmas ornaments that can be digitally downloaded while you’re on your Christmas break. Add them to a tree that you’ve already put up or decorate a separate tree with these fairy tale ornaments. This digital download includes ninety magical ornaments for you to decorate your tree. Each one is created in shades of pastel colors. Amongst the beautiful ornaments are Gigi the Chic Fairy, poodles, macaroons, bows, carriages, and flowers. Learn more here.

Fairy Merry Christmas Instant Fairy Garden

You can also enjoy instant fairy gardening during your Christmas break. There are many benefits to having an instant fairy garden including that they are fun, educational, and easy to store. The Fairy Merry Instant Fairy Garden includes one hundred and forty-seven magical cut outs for you to choose from for the creation of your instant fairy garden. This enchanted digital download includes a Christmas house, reindeer, Fairy Merry, the Sugarplum Fairy, and Santa Claus. More information is available here.

Miniature Rustic Christmas Signs - Hot Cocoa

Download some miniature rustic Christmas signs that are hot cocoa themed during your Christmas break and use them as place cards or decorations. They’d look great in a fairy garden too. Then plan to have a movie night with your family and friends or by yourself and enjoy hot cocoa and treats. See the adorable signs here.
We hope that we’ve given you lots of amazing ideas on how you can spend some time in Fairy Land this Christmas season. Invite your friends and family to join you on this incredible journey and keep visiting Teelie’s Digital Shop for more instant magic.
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