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Enjoy a Shabby Chic Instant Adventure with Gigi

Enjoy a Shabby Chic Instant Adventure with Gigi

Enjoy a Shabby Chic Instant Adventure with Gigi

It’s a magical day in Fairy Land and you have the opportunity to go on a journey with Gigi The Chic Magical Fairy as she visits Paris! You can now experience all the sites that Gigi is visiting and create your own Magical Instant Parisian Fairy Garden. Join us and we’ll tell you how you can make this magical adventure come alive. We are only sharing some of the many digital downloads. You can find the complete list of Gigi’s chic downloads here

101 Miniatures Pieces of Magic

Instant Fairy Gardening is an absolutely magical adventure that you can enjoy on your own or with family or friends. It is a fun and affordable pastime that allows you to be creative. The Gigi the Chic Fairy Shabby Chic Fairy garden includes 101 miniature pieces including Gigi the Chic Fairy, French bulldogs, pink poodles, sunhats, pastry tables, a carousel and so much more. Complete details about this incredible fairy garden are available here.

Choose the Season for Your Adventure

While you are enjoying your magical adventure in the Gigi the Chic Fairy’s Shabby Chic Garden, you can choose the season that you would like to be in. The different backgrounds will allow you to create the perfect scene for your magical instant fairy gardening experience. Get your backgrounds here.

Read With Gigi

You can also read Gigi’s enchanted books. This instant fairy garden is inspired by the third book in the Gigi the Chic Fairy series which is titled Gigi’s Magical Parisian Holiday. However, it is recommended that you start with the first book to have the entire experience. Find the Gigi’s Magical Parisian Holiday eBook here.
You can also enjoy a stunning video with the beautiful book trailer for this magical story. 

Have a Party With Gigi

You can have an amazing party with Gigi the Chic Fairy. Seventy-two Parisian props are included in this beautiful digital download. This allows for plenty of variety and opportunities for fun at your party. These are perfect for dressing up with friends and family, and for having photobooth activities. Some of the magical items included with these party props are party wigs, sunglasses, parasols, gloves, earrings, fashion hats, perfume bottles and an assortment of other magical items that are bound to have you enjoying an enchanted time with your friends. Download your party props here.

Gigi’s Magical Table Settings

Set your table for your magical fairy celebration with Gigi’s gorgeous placemats and napkin rings. Your table is going to be chic and whimsical with these fairy designs. Discover this enchanted set here.

Magical Fairy Houses for Gigi’s Enchanted Adventures

Add some magical fairy houses to your enchanted Fairy Land adventures with Gigi or set up a scene that just has Gigi with one of her houses. In this magical digital download, you’ll find three Gigi cut-outs and three adorable houses. Full details are available here.

Enchanted Doors and Windows

You can also have some fun with Gigi’s beautiful doors and windows. This magical digital download includes a French door, two windows, and two Gigi fairies that you can place in your indoor fairy garden. This would be perfect for a small space or for adding to a larger fairy garden. There are numerous possibilities when it comes to Gigi’s digital downloads. More information is available here.

Dress Up With Gigi

You can get dressed up with Gigi with these gorgeous chic headbands. They’ll add some fairy magic to your everyday outfits and are also great for fairy themed parties. You can see the headbands and learn more about them here.

Magical Fairy Furniture

You may also want to add some additional miniatures to your magical Gigi the Chic Fairy Shabby Chic fairy garden. We found an amazing ten piece set in a delightful carnation pink color. The set includes a wooden sweetheart bench, a fairy sign, a mug, a fairy newspaper and some other adorable fairy accessories and fairy friends including a snail. Complete details are available here.

Adorable Pieces of Fairy Luggage

You can also add some adorable pieces of fairy luggage to your instant fairy garden. We found this set of three blue suitcases with a floral design that are perfect for a dollhouse or fairy garden. Learn more here.
Thank you for taking the time to visit me, Gigi the Chic Fairy in my magical shabby chic fairy garden. I hope you have a wonderful time creating and celebrating with me.
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