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Enjoy Remarkable Do It Yourself Products From Fairy Land

Enjoy Remarkable Do It Yourself Products From Fairy Land

Enjoy Remarkable Do It Yourself Products From Fairy Land

Welcome to Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. We’re going to be looking at some remarkable do it yourself products that will help take you on an enchanted adventure.   

Magical Fairy Hole In The Wall Décor

If you’re looking for an easy and adorable do it yourself project, these magical fairy hole in the wall decorations are perfect for you. There are just six little holes in the wall that have a fairy reading in them for you to cut out and place wherever you think there should be some fairy inspiration. Learn more here.

Adorable Gnome Miniature Signs

Teelie Turner has created many exclusive miniature signs that come in adorable sets for your enjoyment. The signs come as a digital download and then you can cut them out on thicker paper and add a toothpick or popsicle stick to get them to stand. After that, you can find the perfect place for them in a fairy garden, dollhouse scene, or as part of your centerpiece. We decided to show you the adorable gnome signs. Learn more here.

Magical Fairy Easter Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Fairy Picks

Teelie Turner even offers do-it-yourself opportunities for enhancing your baking. She’s created some sets of cupcake wrappers and cupcake fairy picks which have exclusive and enchanting designs on them. Featured above is our Easter set. Learn more here.

25 Pirate Pete Fairy Digital Download Party Props

Amongst the amazing digital downloads that Pirate Pete has available as do it yourself activities, you’ll find his party props that can allow you to have a complete pirate themed adventure. Are you ready to celebrate and sail the seas on your pirate adventure. This set of props includes twenty five pieces. Climb aboard with us. Learn more here.

Pirate Pete's Pirate Ship Digital Download

Another incredible option from Pirate Pete’s exclusive collections of do it yourself activities are his downloadable pirate ship. Cut out and assemble his ship. It would be great for a pirate party, decoration for a child’s room or reading nook. Learn more here.

Tommy Tinker and the Sacred Trees of Ireland - Instant Fairy Garden

Tommy Tinker and the Sacred Trees of Ireland instant fairy garden is a magical adventure that you get to take at your own pace in a do-it-yourself activity. There are over 136 images included in this magical and affordable instant fairy garden. This instant fairy garden is based on Teelie Turner’s book Tommy Tinker and the Sacred Trees of Ireland. You’ll find enchanted characters from the book like Tommy and his niece Susan, cute accessories, and lots of inspiration. Learn more here.

Creativity for Kids Squeegeez Magic Reveal Craft Kit: Mermaid - Dot Painting Art Kits for Kids, Cool Mermaid Gifts for Girls and Boys Ages 7-12+

This amazing children’s  art kit that allows you to create a project that can be a fun work of art has many enchanted themes. This particular one is the mermaid kit, but you can also find dragons, butterflies, outer space and kawaii. Discover the magic of revealing a design at the end after you do dot painting and then squeegee it. Learn more here.

Hapinest Make Your Own Flower Crowns and Bracelets Craft Kit for Girls Gifts Ages 6 7 8 9 10 Years Old and Up

This ninety-two piece set allows you to make your own magical flower crowns and bracelets. The fairies would be so happy that you were creating such beautiful creations. They would likely be watching over you while you create. Learn more here.

Join us again next week. We’re going to explore some incredible miniatures for St. Patrick’s Day.  
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