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Magical And Spectacular Miniatures For Mother's Day This Year

Magical And Spectacular Miniatures For Mother's Day This Year

Magical And Spectacular Miniatures For Mother's Day This Year

This week we’re celebrating Mother’s Day in  Teelie’s Digital Shop. We’re excited to tell you that our digital shop has expanded, and not only do we have enchanted digital downloads that you can get instantly, but we also have some fun and magical miniatures. This week we’re going to be exploring some miniatures that you can enjoy for Mother’s Day.  


You can meet Mariane the Mother’s Day Fairy in this enchanted video.



Rainbows And Tea. Miniatures, Dollhouse, Miniature, Fairy Garden

All moms deserve to be able to relax and enjoy some enchanted treats. This rainbows and tea miniature set would be a great gift for a mom to remind her how special she is. She can also use it in her fairy garden that can be a great way to relax and enjoy life’s little pleasures. Learn more here.


Mermaid Beach Sandcastle With Blue Baby Unicorn Whale, Starfish, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden

Another fun theme for a fairy garden that you could surprise mom with this year is a beach theme. Teelie’s Digital Shop has many great options for you including this enchanted sandcastle, blue baby unicorn whale and starfish kit. Learn more here. 


A Yummy Deluxe Hamburger, Miniatures, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse

Surprise your mom with some yummy food themed fun for her fairy garden. It would also be great if you surprised her with a home cooked meal to show your appreciation. Learn more about some miniature double burgers here. They look delicious.


4th of July Bucket of Popcorn, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse

Family movie night could also be a great gift for Mother’s Day. These miniature buckets of popcorn for a fairy garden or dollhouse would be a wonderful way to invite mom to enjoy movie night with you. Learn more here. 


Adorable Pastel Unicorns Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse

Unicorns are known for their uniqueness. A miniature unicorn for a fairy garden would be a great gift for a mom especially if you included a note letting her know some of the unique qualities that you love about her. Meet some unicorns here


Adorable Sleeping Little Mermaids, Fairy Garden Mermaid, Dollhouse, Miniature

Mermaids are as unique as unicorns and so depending on your mom, you might decide to give her a mermaid miniature to remind her how special she is. These mermaids are taking a nap, so they could also be a reminder to mom that she needs time to rest. Perhaps you’re able to take on a few more chores to help her have a little time for herself. Meet the mermaids here


Turtles Are Coming To The Beach, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Orange, Pink, Blue, Mermaid Garden, Green, Mermaid Beach, Turtle Beach

Gift your mom some cuteness for her Mother’s Day gift. If she loves fairy gardening, these adorable turtles that are available in an abundance of colors could be a great option. Learn more here. 



4th of July Brownies, Red, White, Blue, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse

Bake something special for mom this Mother’s Day. You can also surprise her with some sweet treats for her fairy garden. That way both your mom and the fairies can enjoy the yumminess of this time of year. We found some fun and festive 4th of July brownies that would be enjoyable at any time of the year. Learn more here. 


Thank you for being on this enchanted Mother’s Day adventure with us. Please continue to visit Teelie’s Digital Shop for more amazing fairy magic. Our social media is also an enchanted place for visit to learn what’s new.

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