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Miniatures For Your Fantastic Farm Themed Instant Fairy Garden

Miniatures For Your Fantastic Farm Themed Instant Fairy Garden

Miniatures For Your Fantastic Farm Themed Instant Fairy Garden

Welcome to Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. This week you’ll have a chance to learn more about Farmer Jonathan’s Fantastic Instant Fairy Garden and some miniatures that could make it amazing.   

Fantastic Fairy Farm Life-Jonathan The Farmer Fairy Instant Fairy Garden

Enjoy the magic of life on the farm with your own incredible instant fairy garden. The Fantastic Fairy Life – Jonathan the Fairy Farmer instant fairy garden is available as a digital download so you would receive it immediately. There are eighty-four adorable designs for you to use in your enchanted instant garden. Life on the farm is magical because there are lots of baby animals around. This instant fairy garden can help you enjoy that magic even if you aren’t on a farm in the country. Learn more here.

Pastel Duckies, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Crafts, DIY Garden, Barbie, Cute Ducks, Fairy Pets, Pink, Blue, Lavender, Yellow

You can add miniatures to your instant fairy garden to take it to another level and increase your magical experience. Invite some adorable and colorful ducks to live on the farm with you. They’d love to live in your pond. Learn more here.

Farmer Jonathan Farm Scene, Hay, Rooster, Garden Tools, Bunny, Chick, Hay, Tools with Dirt, Rack, Shovel, Hoe, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse

This adorable scene that was photographed with the background and some accessories from Farmer Jonathan’s instant fairy garden includes a rooster, chick and bunny that will be great friends of yours on your farm. There are also important tools like a rack, shovel and hoe that are needed for keeping the garden looking great. Learn more here.

Fairy Garden Sweet Black And OR White Sheep, Miniature, Dollhouse, Black Sheep, White Sheep, Fairy Farm, Farm Animals, Cute Sheep, White

These little sheep would love to be able to live on your farm. They are even more excited knowing that your farm is magical and owned by Farmer Jonathan. Learn more here.

Funny Bunnies, Fairy Pets, Fairy Garden Rabbits, Woodland Bunnies, Dollhouse Pets

These rabbits are cute and sociable. They cannot wait to become part of your magical farm family. They have soft white coats and a joyous nature. Learn more here.

15Pcs Reaslistic Mini Pig Figurines 1.7inch Miniature Pink Piggy Figures Cute Resin Cake Toppers for DIY Fairy Garden Moss Landscape Crafts Party Décor

Pigs are another animal that you can invite to join you in your magical farm themed instant fairy garden. This kit has fifteen realistic looking little pigs who are looking for a new home where they can be surrounded by friends of all kinds and lots of magic. Learn more here.

MEMOVAN Farm Cow Animal Figurines - 4pcs Realistic Cow Figure Toys Playset Farmer Calf Cow Cake Cupcake Topper Decoration Farm Animal Educational Learning Toy Gift for Toddlers Kids

These cattle come with their own farmer. There are three calves and one cow  who would be glad to join you in your garden. Learn more here.

Miniature Horse Figurines, Mini Horse Fairy Garden Accessories for Fairy Garden Decor, Party Supplies, Decorations for Cakes, Birthday Gift, House Terrarium, Plant Pots, Bonsai Craft Décor

Horses are always loved on a farm too. They make great companions for riding and other activities. These two horses would love the opportunity to join you and find out what it is like to live on a magical farm. Learn more here.
Join us again next week. We’re going to look at eight magical miniatures and suggest fairy garden themes that go with each of them for your enjoyment. 
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