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Special, Magical Easter Activities That Are Fairy Inspired

Special, Magical Easter Activities That Are Fairy Inspired

Special, Magical Easter Activities That Are Fairy Inspired

Welcome to Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. This week we’re going to looking at some special activities that you can enjoy for Easter. Our fairies have some incredible options for you. 

Let The Magical Easter Party Begin-Easter Party Props

Enjoy the magic of Easter with your own fairy inspired party. This digital download will give you thirty-four incredible party props. Are you ready for the fun to begin? As soon as you’ve downloaded your purchase, you’ll be ready to cut them out and get started. Happy Easter from Fairy Land. Learn more here.

Magical Fairy Easter Baskets

Enjoy twelve incredible Easter baskets that you can digitally download and then use to gather your Easter eggs and treats with. These baskets have the images of some of our magical fairy friends and their companions on it. There is Eliza the Easter Fairy, Hope the Easter Basket Fairy, Joey the Fairy Puppy and more. Learn more here.

Magical Fairy Easter Ornaments

Decorate your own special, magical Easter tree with these incredible ornaments that you can digitally download and print out. The colors and designs are absolutely spectacular. Designs include enchanted flowers, Henry the duck, Easter fairies, bunny friends and more. Learn more here.

Magical Fairy DIY Easter Handbags

Enjoy the magic of Easter in style with these enchanted handbags. You can digitally download them and then start assembling them right away. We love the convenience of digital downloads and how quickly you can transform ordinary into extraordinary. Each handbag has a magical Fairy Land design on it. Learn more here.

Magical Fairy Party Prop Easter Signs

These enchanted Easter signs make incredible party props. They feature your bunny friends, Gigi the Chic Fairy, Eliza the Easter Fairy, and Hope the Easter Basket Fairy. They can be cut out and glued to popsicle sticks or toothpicks. Learn more here.

Magical Fairy Party Prop Bunny Ears

Enjoy four stunning sets of bunny ears. They make fabulously fun party props. The bunny ears all have an adorable Fairy Land design on them. They’re a great digital download. Learn more here.

Small Gray Bunny With Plate of Sweets, Easter Candy, Easter Bunny, Gray Bunny, Miniature, Fairy Garden

Enjoying fairy gardening is a great activity for Easter too. You can find some beautiful miniatures like this little gray bunny that has its plate of sweets and candies. Baking is also a fun Easter activity. Just think of all the incredible treats you could bake. Learn more here.

Magical Bunnies, Bunnies, and More Bunnies, Fairy Pets, Fairy Garden Animals, Dollhouse Rabbits, Miniature Bunnies, DIY, Craft Projects

Introduce some incredible bunnies to your fairy gardens or table settings for some extra Easter magic. There are only a few of these magical rabbits remaining in stock. Learn more here.
Join us again next week. We’re going to look at some incredible miniatures that you can enjoy for a mermaid themed instant fairy garden. 
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