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Stunning Fairy Land Ornaments For All Occasions That You'll Love

Stunning Fairy Land Ornaments For All Occasions That You'll Love

Stunning Fairy Land Ornaments For All Occasions That You'll Love

Welcome to Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. This week we’re exploring enchanted ornaments that feature some of our magical fairies on them. These ornaments are especially amazing because they are stunning for all occasions and can be enjoyed throughout the year.
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Pirate Pete's Ship Glass Ornament

Pirate Pete is one of the magical fairies who is featured in Teelie Turner’s enchanted fairy books. Currently there are three books in the Pirate Pete series. This glass ornament features Pirate Pete’s magnificent ship. He is a good pirate and helps others. Learn more here.


The Adventures of Pirate Pete~ Princess Pearl Christmas Ball Ornament

This magical ornament is shaped like a Christmas ball. It features Princess Pearl on it in her magnificent wedding dress. Pirate Pete helps Princess Pearl on two separate occasions. These ornaments could be used at anytime during the year as there isn’t a Christmas scene on them. Learn more here.


Felicia The Magical Book Club Fairy-The School Presentation Pewter Snowflake Ornament

This gorgeous pewter snowflake ornament features a picture of Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy on it. We love the shape and know it would look incredible hanging in your home throughout the winter. Felicia is holding one of the three books that Teelie Turner wrote about her in her hand. This one is titled: Felicia The Magical Book Club Fairy – The School Presentation. LLearn more here.


Felicia The Book Club Fairy Graduation Glass Ornament Bundles

In the first Felicia book that Teelie Turner wrote, Felicia has just recently graduated and received her assignment as the Book Club Fairy. You can see Felicia wearing a graduation outfit on this magical glass ornament. Learn more here.


Teelie Turner Author Christmas Ball Ornament
This magical ball shaped ornament features Teelie Turner as a fairy on it, along with her magical puppy Joey. There is a magical wish written on this ball coming directly from Teelie Turner. This can be enjoyed throughout the year to remind you of the magic of fairies. Learn more here.



Felicia Shares The Beautiful Magical Fairy Book Club Metal Ornaments

Join Felicia the fairy book club ambassador on a beautiful metal ornament that is shaped like a bell. This ornament is created with a design from the Felicia book titled Felicia Shares the Beautiful Magical Fairy Book Club. Enjoy this enchanted book ornament throughout the year. Learn more here.


Esperanza The Hope And Faith Fairy Glass Ornaments

This beautiful ornament could be a reminder of the importance of faith and hope in your life throughout the year. Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy is a magical fairy who Teelie Turner also wrote a book about. She looks amazing on this glass ornament. Learn more here.


Pirate Pete's Pewter Snowflake Ornament

This beautiful pewter ornament features Pirate Pete on it. We love the design and the decorative box that it comes in. This is a great ornament to enjoy throughout the winter. Pirate Pete will give you some warmth and adventure during the colder months. Learn more here.


Teelie’s Digital & Miniature Shop would love to see photos of how you’ve used our magical fairy ornaments if you add some to your amazing homes. You can also follow us on social media for more incredible fairy magic. Thanks for your visit. The fairies are so glad that you were here with us today.  


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