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Beautiful Instant Fairy Gardens to Enjoy As A Family

Beautiful Instant Fairy Gardens to Enjoy As A Family

Beautiful Instant Fairy Gardens to Enjoy As A Family

It’s another magical week in Fairy Land. Teelie’s Digital Shop has put together a list of incredible instant fairy gardens that you can explore. Best of all, you can enjoy these instant fairy gardens with your family and friends. If you’d like you can also add miniatures to your instant fairy gardens to enhance your experience.


Magical Mermaid Instant Fairy Garden Digital Download
Mermaids have so much fun surrounding them. Creating a magical instant fairy garden featuring an enchanted mermaid world can be so incredible for you and your family or friends. Included in this amazing digital download are ninety-three cut-outs including some magical mermaid friends, backgrounds, starfish, a turtle, seahorses, a seal, coral, and a mermaid house. Learn more here. 


Felicia the Book Club Fairy's Instant Fairy Garden

Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy has her own magical instant fairy garden. This magnificent ambassador of Teelie Turner’s Fairy Book Club cannot wait to have fun with your entire family. Included in her instant fairy garden are Felicia, a reading sofa, Joey the fairy dog, Felicia’s enchanted mushroom house, bookshelves and so much more. In total there are eighty-six adorable designs included in this digital download. Learn more here.  

You can learn more about Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club in this video.


 How Gigi Becomes a Chic Magical Fairy Instant Fairy Garden

Gigi the Chic Fairy is an incredible fairy. Not only is she fun and stylish but she encourages us all to follow our dreams because we just never know what is going to happen. Included in her instant fairy garden are seventy-five enchanted cut-outs that include shoes, a mirror, a clothing rack, a dressmaker’s mannequin, Gigi, and her human designer friend Adriana. Learn more here. 


Arcenciel The Rainbow Fairy Instant Fairy Garden

Enjoy a vibrant and colorful family activity with this enchanted digital download. Arcenciel (the French name for rainbow) cannot wait for you to enjoy her stunning rainbow instant fairy garden. Thirty-nine beautiful designs including a rainbow house, Arcenciel, a door, trees, signs and so much more can be found in this amazing download. Learn more here. 

Discover more in this magical video too.


The Magical Fairy Woodland Forest Instant Fairy Garden
The Magical Fairy Woodland Forest Instant Fairy Garden is stunning. Included in the sixty-four pieces of this enchanted garden are Aerenee the Forest Fairy, deer, squirrels, hedgehogs, lambs, shrubs, signs and so much more. Learn more here. 


Fantastic Fairy Farm Life-Jonathan the Farmer Fairy

Enjoy a magical and cost-effective activity with Fairy Farmer Jonathan’s intriguing instant fairy garden. This magical activity for the entire family includes eight-four beautiful designs. Included in this digital download are Farmer Jonathan, his house, a feed trough, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, cows, sheep, goats, and a barn. Learn more here. 



Magical Fairy Easter Instant Fairy Garden

If you’re looking for a fabulous last minute instant fairy garden to enjoy on Easter weekend, you can enjoy this enchanted digital download. There are one hundred and six adorable designs included in this offering. You’ll find Easter eggs, Easter boxes, Gigi the Chic Fairy, an Easter door, balloons, bushes, Easter plates, signs, backgrounds and more. Learn more here.  



Pirate Pete's Instant Fairy Garden

In Pirate Pete’s amazing instant fairy garden, you’ll find seventy-two enchanted accessories. You can have a magical pirate journey. Included in this fairy garden are Pirate Pete, a pirate ship, palm trees, a treasure chest, a parrot, and sea turtles. Learn more here. 


Thank you for enjoying Teelie Turner’s magical instant fairy gardens that you can enjoy as a family. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about these enchanted creations.

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