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Journey To Teelie Turner's Magical Easter Fairy Garden Now

Journey To Teelie Turner's Magical Easter Fairy Garden Now

Journey To Teelie Turner's Magical Easter Fairy Garden Now

Welcome back to Teelie’s Digital Shop. This week we are celebrating our magical and amazing Instant Fairy Garden for Easter. We’ll be sharing it and several amazing miniatures that you can add to your Easter fairy garden to make it extra special. Over the next few weeks, we’ll also have lots more Easter cheer to share with you.    


Magical Fairy Easter Instant Fairy Garden
This magical instant fairy garden for Easter has 106 magical accessories to make your Easter celebration the best. You can download it instantly and begin cutting it out to create a fascinating journey to Fairy Land for Easter. Included in the accessories are magnificent Easter fairies, Easter houses, Easter balloons, two different backgrounds, boxes, baskets, chocolate bunnies and so much more. You can learn everything there is to know about this magical Easter instant fairy garden here


Gardening Bunny

A fairy garden wouldn’t be complete without some bunnies. We think this gardening bunny would be a great option to add to your instant fairy garden. Being able to combine the instant fairy garden with the physical miniatures helps to enhance a magical fairy gardening experience. There are so many miniatures that you can choose from and we’re just sharing a few possibilities that you might enjoy. You can learn more about the gardening bunny here


Reading Bunny

This reading bunny could be a wonderful addition to your instant fairy garden especially when we think about them reading a Teelie Turner Easter story. You can meet this adorable reading bunny here


Playful Chicks

These playful chicks are ready to add some fun to your fairy garden. They’re playing tug of war with their rope toy. It looks like they might have gotten it from the barnyard puppy. Learn more about the chicks here


Easter Bunnies with Carrots

All these adorable Easter bunnies are busy enjoying their carrots. They can’t wait to find a cozy home where they can have lots of fun with you. They might enjoy living in your Easter fairy garden. Learn more here


Colorful Easter Basket and Eggs

This miniature colorful Easter basket and Easter eggs would add some beautiful accents to your magical Easter fairy garden. Learn more here


Easter Friends and Activities

This magical fairy garden kit includes many activities such as gardening and swinging from an enchanted tree. There are also two beautiful spring fairies who cannot wait to meet you and an adorable white fairy puppy. Two bluebirds also cannot wait to make your acquaintance. Learn more here


Easter Bunny and Bird

This cute Easter bunny is getting a special Easter message from an adorable bunny. They would look cute in your Easter fairy garden. Learn more here


Thank you for spending time with Teelie’s Digital Shop. Easter is an incredible time. It is filled with magic and cheer, and we have so much of that to offer you at Teelie’s Digital Shop. You can also explore Teelie’s other enchanted brands by visiting TeelieTurner.com.   


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