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Magical Halloween Downloads

Magical Halloween Downloads

Magical Halloween Downloads

Spend some time in Teelie’s Digital Shop with us. We can’t wait to show you our magical Halloween downloads and we have a few other fun Halloween surprises to share with you. Are you ready? Let’s have a Fairy Land adventure.

Adorable Halloween Signs

Twelve miniature signs are waiting for you to download them in one quick and easy digital download. These signs would look amazing in a fairy garden. They can help set the mood for your fairies’ celebrations. Each sign has a magical design on it and a spooktacular Halloween saying. A few of the sayings are Spooky Rd, The Witch is In, Enter if You Dare, and Happy Haunting. You can print them on thick paper and plasticize them or cover them in clear tape so that they’ll be more weather resistant especially if your garden is outside. Learn more here.

Enchanted Fairy Garden Scenes

There are four magical editions of the Tour Spooktacular Halloween Fairy Garden Designs that will give you the chance to sit back and relax and flip through the pages of these enchanted stories and see amazing Halloween fairy garden scenes. You can download them and enjoy the magical images and stories that go along with them. More details are available here.

Transform Your Fairy Garden Into A Haunted Halloween Hallow

This do-it-yourself guide is called ‘How To Transform Your Fairy Garden Into A Haunted Halloween Hallow - A Step by Step Guide.’ It takes you through the entire process of turning your fairy garden into a Haunted Halloween garden. Your fairies will love to spend the month of October with you. Find the downloadable version of the book here.

Amazing Autumn Scenes

This is a wonderful opportunity to get yourself a hot beverage and a snack and settle in to enjoy some amazing autumn fairy garden scenes. Since Halloween happens in the fall, this is a great opportunity to be inspired to create your own fairy garden, or to enjoy the beauty of all the ones featured in these books. Teelie Turner has created all the scenes that are featured. More information is available here.

Numerous Magical Halloween Activities

You can visit the Gigi the Fairy website and take a look at the Chic Kids Club because there are numerous Halloween activities that you can download for free. Some of the activities include spot the differences, coloring pages, a maze, a word search and a Halloween paper doll. Full details are available here.

The Halloween Adventures of the 5 Spooktacular Witches

Visit the Teelie Turner Author page to learn about Teelie’s amazing Halloween book that has five short stores in it. This is an opportunity to get to know five Halloween fairy witches and learn about their roles around Fairy Land and how they like to celebrate Halloween. This book isn’t yet available as an eBook but will be soon. All available formats are available here.

Magical Fairy Gear

All of the magical fairies in ‘The Halloween Adventures of the 5 Spooktactular Fairy Witches’ has their own collection of magical fairy gear including journals, tote bags, clothing, and other accessories. We decided to show you Issy the Halloween Party Fairy’s incredible tote bag. This is a versatile option and would even work great for gathering candy. Learn more here.

Create Your Fairy Garden

It’s time to create your own Halloween fairy garden. There are numerous possibilities, but we found a complete scene featuring the following which you might like to incorporate into your own creative design. You’ll receive a spooky spider bag, colorful fairy garden candies, a spider, and a Halloween bag. Especially if you only want to create a small fairy garden, this scene could be the perfect choice. More information is available here.

Magical Halloween Pumpkins

Spend some time in the magical fairy pumpkin patch so that you can take home the perfect pumpkins that you can either use for decorations on a table, or in an incredible fairy garden. We decided to share the purple pumpkins with you but there are currently numerous colors available. In Fairy Land all things are possible and that is why you can find pumpkins that come in non-traditional colors. Find your miniature purple pumpkins here.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about Teelie Turner’s magical digital downloads, and products for Halloween. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. The fairies are always here to help you.
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